Sound-based navigation system for Android devices

Oh Music, Where art Thou?

Do you enjoy cycling, skating, jogging or walking? Love music and adventure? Then we have something for you. Without distracting your eyes from the road, without commanding you "turn left, turn right", we provide you with navigational information. We give you a clue about the destination by using stereo-sound and then your own sense of direction leads you towards it. It's as if your favorite band is having a concert a few blocks away and you are led there only by music.

Turn on the GPS of your phone, launch the OMWAT application and you are ready to explore. Enter your destination or pick it from the map. Load a playlist with you favor music. Make sure your headphones are mounted properly. And enjoy!


- Follow the sound towards your destination
- Enjoy the music from your own playlists
- Use Google Maps to locate your destination

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